Playground Hospitality: A Top Ten Restaurant Consulting Firm

May 16, 2023 | Articles, In The News

From TouchBistro:

Chicago-based Playground Hospitality helps restaurants stand out. They specialize in working with large restaurant groups and is led by third-generation restaurateur Doug Roth.

His team offers services that include guest experience optimization, business strategy, and concept development, among others.


From Bentobox:

Playground Hospitality works with new and established hospitality concepts including hotels, restaurants and entertainment groups to rediscover the soul of their business. Founder Doug Roth is a third-generation restaurateur and specializes in concept design, facilities, operations and business strategy.

Specialities: Concept clarity + design, competitive analysis, demographic profile development, delivery optimization, hiring solutions, P&L analysis, trend-opportunity identification, operations refinement, guest experience evaluation.


From OCM Solution:

Playground Hospitality was founded by Doug Roth, a third-generation restauranteur that has over 30 years of experience in operations success. He has owned and operated restaurants such as the award-winning Red Moon and Blackhawk Lodge.

The philosophy of this top restaurant advisor includes the importance of imagination, collaboration, and team work to help clients deliver unique experiences that revitalize traditional dining and wow their guests.

OCM Solution’s Key Factors That Enabled Playground Hospitality to Rank as One of the Top Restaurant Consulting Firms

Designing a Restaurant from Ideation to Reality

Concept design is a specialty of Playground Hospitality. The firm understands that concept clarity and consistency from marketing to standard operating procedures is vital to creating a cohesive guest experience.

When asking, “What is a food consultant?” often, the answer is someone that can help a restaurant reflect their brand personality in their food, atmosphere, and service each and every day.

The experts at Playground Hospitality work with restauranteurs in this vital aspect of their success to turn ideation into reality. Some of the restaurant consulting services relating to concept design include:

  • Brand and architectural design
  • Business model design
  • Competitive analysis
  • Concept clarity and design
  • Demographic profile development
  • Existing concept reformulation
  • Implementation and planning
  • Ongoing support and project management


Facilities and Operations

When operations aren’t going well, it shows in just about every other facet of a business from the reviews you receive to your employee turnover rate.

Playground Hospitality helps clients connect the dots between their branding/concept and the day-to-day operations to help ensure that the experience a guest actually receives lives up to the promises.

Whether you’re having a problem with staffing and consistent training or have a kitchen that could use an upgrade in the technology department, this top-rated restaurant management consultant can guide you in the right direction.

If you need help with running operations, these are some of the restaurant consulting services offered by Playground Hospitality that can help:

  • Human resources evaluation and hiring
  • Quality standard and training
  • Atmosphere and interior design consulting
  • Kitchen consulting and technology improvements
  • Connecting food and beverages
  • Standardization and quality control


Rating Summary

Playground Hospitality focuses on one of the basics of any service industry, which is consistency, consistency, consistency. From helping design dynamic restaurant concepts to ensuring operations manuals and staff training drive that concept home, this top restaurant advisor helps brands outshine the competition.

This is one of the best restaurant consulting firms if you want to leverage relationships to get the best team on your project. Playground Hospitality can pair your project with top talent from its extensive network of global leaders in the industry, including renowned chefs, cutting-edge creatives, and market makers.

With a history of championing restaurants with the “wow” factor and a diligent approach to concept design and branding, Playground Hospitality earns a 5-star rating as one of the top restaurant setup consultants to help energize your customer experience.