Custom Consulting

Freshen a successful concept to reflect dynamic guest preferences.


We’ll partner with you to rediscover the soul of your business, streamline operations, stay on-trend, and/or better define your guest experience.

What we provide:

  • Trend-Opportunity Identification
  • Creative Menu Development
  • Comprehensive Customer Touch Point / Experience Design
  • Strategic Marketing + PR Advisory
  • Operations Refinement
  • Existing Concept Repositioning / Rebranding

Concept Creation

Clients who plan to own and operate restaurants call on Playground Hospitality to join their project team.

We enhance profitability with optimized concepts and operational advice.

  • Pro-forma and budget analysis
  • Concept clarity statement
  • Project positioning and marketing plan
  • Menu development and design
  • Identify and recruit operator
  • Define layout of physical space
  • Equipment and technology
  • Bar and kitchen organization
  • Management training
  • Employee training
  • Quarterly audits

Invent a new game

Players adapt when the rules change. We’ve seen dramatic shifts before and can help you adjust.

Keep yourself in the hospitality game with an exceptional take-out and delivery experience. We help burnish your brand beyond the walls of your restaurant.

Restaurants are changing. Expect limited menus, smaller dining areas and an intense focus on air circulation and purification.

Our industry depends on keeping staff and guests safe. Let Playground Hospitality show you how to win guests back.

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