We help restaurants stand out, stay relevant and maintain their unique character.



We provide restaurant consulting services for hotels and large restaurant groups looking to stay on-trend and ahead of the market.


Stand Out

Differentiate your restaurant from others in the market.

Keep Your Soul

Clarify the underlying essence and unique character of your restaurant.

Stay Relevant

Maintain focus while staying relevant and on-trend.


Are you on-trend?

Your restaurant seems to be getting along just fine, which makes you wonder if it is necessary to assess its performance or evaluate new opportunities. 

But in today's market, standing still is like moving backwards. 

Don’t wait until you lose relevance or lack differentiation to hire a restaurant consultant.


Are you ready for a fresh perspective?


Is your concept unclear?

Do your guests have a hard time connecting to or understanding the experience you’ve attempted to create?


Are you delivering consistently?

Is each dish coming out the same way every day? Is your service consistent? 


Do you know what makes you unique?

Do you know why your guests come to your restaurant? How are you different from your competition?


Is your guest experience in sync?

Have elements of your guest experience fallen out of step over time, such as the quality of service?


Are you lacking perspective?

When was the last time you experienced your restaurant as a "guest" with a fresh set of eyes?


We've been in your shoes.

That's why we partner with businesses like yours to solve these issues. 


Doug Roth founded Playground Hospitality to share his expertise with other restauranteurs.

As a third-generation restauranteur, Doug has developed and operated multiple successful, on-trend restaurants.  


Hotels & restaurant groups seek our help when:


✓ They want an outside perspective to gut-check their guest experience.

✓ They need help staying on-trend or identifying new opportunities.

✓ They wish to design a restaurant concept from ideation to reality.

✓ They are looking for fully developed concepts or want to target a new market segment.


Don’t wait until you lose relevance or lack differentiation to hire a restaurant consultant.


We'll help you design the unique character of your restaurant into every facet of your guest experience, so you can create a thriving business.



Add “craves” to your menu and have guests lining up at your doors.


Create a unique guest experience that generates demand.


Stay on-trend with industry changes, like integrating technology.


Clearly define your restaurant concept so you stand out in the mind of guests.


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