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Playground Hospitality is a restaurant consultancy founded by third-generation restaurateur, Doug Roth, who has decades of experience launching and operating award-winning restaurant concepts. Some of his most notable concepts include Bistro 110 (which ranked among the highest-grossing restaurants in Chicago for 22 years), Blackhawk Lodge, and Red Moon.

Previously an equity partner at Levy Restaurants, he’s seen it all when it comes to front and back of house operations. Doug is a restaurant consultant that has been through it – he knows what it’s like to be in his clients’ shoes. This led him to his passion for helping others fulfill their vision and doing so in a creative, collaborative, and meaningful way.

When you work with Playground Hospitality, you work with Doug directly, creating a valuable partnership unique to our firm.

Connecting The Dots

Playground Hospitality focuses on connecting the design, atmosphere, menus, and procedures to deliver a consistent guest experience.

Concept Design

Our team of experts will work with you to design a restaurant, from ideation to reality. Every step is carefully programmed and tailored to your brand’s vision.

Menu Development

Playground Hospitality concepts reflect your brand personality through food, atmosphere, and service. Our menus treat guests to flavorful dishes with a healthy foundation.

Facilities + Operations

We make things seamless for a superior guest experience, connecting the dots among these complex systems. Not only do we create efficient operations for clients but we provide invaluable education to keep these processes in place for the long haul.


We’ll perform an all-around assessment to identify opportunities to keep your business fresh, while ensuring that its unique character shines through the guest experience.

Business Strategy

We work through the economic fundamentals that ultimately determine success. We’ll help you find new revenue streams to complement your brand or we’ll help you break into a new market.

Custom Consulting

We’ll partner with you to rediscover the soul of your business, streamline operations, stay on-trend, and/or better define your guest experience.

Create A Memorable Destination

As a strategic partner to large operations, we collaborate with business, sports, and leisure destinations to develop on-site dining operations that elevate your brand.

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