What We Do

We help hotels and restaurant groups stay relevant while maintaining the unique character of their restaurants.

Our Philosophy

Life’s most important lessons are first learned on the playground and we carry that shared experience into our client work.

The imagination, collaboration and teamwork that made magic then guides our process, helping you deliver dining experiences that wow your guests.

We spin familiar concepts to revitalize traditional dining

New Concepts

Playground Hospitality focuses on concept clarity, connecting the design, atmosphere, menus and standard operating procedures to deliver a consistent guest experience.  

Our concepts reflect your brand personality through food, atmosphere and service. 

Working with your design and architecture teams, we shepherd the development process to ensure the integrity of the concept.



Concept Design

We work with you to design a restaurant from ideation to reality – including everything from market segmentation and brand development to  real estate strategy and architecture.


      • Concept Clarity + Design
      • Competitive Analysis
      • Existing Concept Reformulation
      • Demographic Profile Development
      • Business Model Design
      • Brand + Architectural Design
      • Implementation Planning
      • Ongoing Support + Project Management

Complex systems interacting seamlessly for your guest experience


Your bottom line benefits from our decades of hands-on operating experience.

Our recommendations are practical, immediately actionable and measurably effective. 

Facilities and Operations

We’ll connect the dots for a superior guest experience, from staffing to assisting with facility design.

  • HR Evaluation and Hiring
  • Standards and Training
  • Atmosphere + Interior Design Consulting
  • Kitchen Consulting + Technology Improvements
  • Food and Beverage Connection
  • Quality Control and Standardization

    Freshen a successful concept to reflect dynamic guest preferences

    Restaurant Consulting

    Maintain your mystique with advice that recharges your concept before traffic wanes. We can spot a declining restaurant before your guests do.

    An ongoing relationship with us keeps your concept competitive and your staff engaged.

    Custom Consulting

    Rediscover the soul of your restaurant, streamline operations, stay on-trend or better define your guest experience.


    • Trend-Opportunity Identification
    • Creative Menu Development
    • Comprehensive Customer Touch Point / Experience Design
    • Existing Concept Re-positioning / Re-branding
    • Strategic Marketing + PR Advisory
    • Operations Refinement

    Restaurant Assessment

    We’ll perform an all-around assessment to keep your restaurant fresh while ensuring that its underlying character and points of difference shine through the guest experience.

    • Target Audience Evaluation
    • Brand Narrative + Positioning
    • Guest Experience Evaluation
    • Brand-Driven Chef-to-Concept Alignment

    Objective analysis to meaningfully improve your bottom line

    Business Advice

    Our experts partner with owners and developers to work through the economic fundamentals that ultimately determine success.

    Playground Hospitality sharpens your investment narrative with financial modeling, P&L analysis and pro forma development.

    We’ve helped restaurants adapt to challenges before and know when and how to shift priorities.


    Business Strategy

    We’ll help you find new revenue streams to complement your brand, or we’ll help you break into a new market with your existing concept.


    • Feasibility Studies
    • In-Depth Market Analysis
    • Strategic Positioning for Franchises Entering New Markets
    • Real Estate Strategy
    • Real Estate Selection + Lease Negotiation
    • Tenant Search + Selection

    Our development experience effectively pairs restaurants with locations and projects

    Development Support

    Developers call on Playground Hospitality to evaluate hospitality tenants and define dining market segments. Working in partnership with the development team, Playground Hospitality delivers actionable recommendations that limit risk, create value, and maximize revenue potential. 


    Concept Assessment

    Playground Hospitality understands that restaurants are a critical amenity for retail, residential and commercial properties. As a strategic partner, we evaluate dining options for your project and deliver actionable recommendations. 

    • Projected pro forma and P&L
    • Market factors and positioning 
    • Competitive set analysis
    • Brand strengths and opportunities
    • Review quality, appearance, and taste profiles
    • Overall guest experience
    • Price/value correlations


    Concept Creation

    Developers add us to the project team when they plan to own and operate restaurants. We enhance profitability with optimized concepts and operational advice.

    • Pro forma and budget analysis

    • Concept clarity statement

    • Project positioning and marketing plan

    • Menu development and design 

    • Identify and recruit operator

    • Define layout of physical space 

    • Equipment and technology

    • Bar and kitchen organization 

    • Management training

    • Employee training

    • Quarterly audits

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