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Playground is your partner, not a typical consultant.

Life’s most important lessons are first learned on the playground and we carry that shared experience into our client work. The imagination, collaboration, and teamwork that made magic then guide our process, helping you create dining experiences that wow guests.
Our collaborative approach was shaped over decades of developing and operating highly successful dining concepts. We pair top creative talent to your project through our extensive network of industry leaders.

Playground Hospitality creates successful new dining concepts, improves existing operations, and extends the life span of established restaurants.

Doug Roth founded Playground Hospitality to help clients pull together a thousand details that create a successful concept. As the Playground director, Doug has partnered with leading corporations to develop new dining concepts, improve existing operations, and extend the life span of established restaurants.

Over his 30-year hospitality career, Doug launched and operated dozens of highly profitable concepts including Bistro 110, which ranked among the highest-grossing restaurants in Chicago for 22 years, along with award-winning restaurants Blackhawk Lodge, Bistro 100, and Red Moon. Doug’s decades of experience as a hands-on operator and Levy Restaurants equity partner make him an effective strategic collaborator.

Doug's 30-years of experience keeps Playground Hospitality clients from making expensive mistakes.

A third-generation restaurateur, Doug led the advisory board of the Tulane University Entrepreneurial Hospitality Program, guest lectured at Purdue University, and is a mentor for Entrepreneurial students at Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management.

Doug Roth

Doug Roth

Founder, Playground Hospitality


Doug owned and operated highly profitable restaurants, including Bistro 110, Bistro 100, Blackhawk Lodge, Don Roth Restaurants, and the award-winning Red Moon. As an equity partner and vice president of development with Levy Restaurants, he created multiple nationally recognized restaurant concepts.

Doug and his team have seen dramatic shifts before and can advise you when to make a fast pivot. Playground Hospitality is guest obsessed and will help you ‘wow’ yours. More importantly, they see the subtle clues that keep your concept from connecting with customers.

As an industry veteran who’s launched dozens of successful concepts and experienced some misses, Doug keeps his clients from repeating expensive mistakes.

Renowned Chefs

Playground thoughtfully pairs culinary talent to its projects, developing chef-driven concepts and updating taste profiles with rising innovators.

Cutting-Edge Creatives

Playground’s design and creative partners operate at the intersection of strategy, design and execution to bring concepts to life.

Market Makers

Trend spotters, financial gurus and real estate savants create a strong business foundation to maximize profits and opportunities for expansion.

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