We deliver recommendations to optimize profits for Real Estate Developers.

Maximize Your Properties’ Revenue Potential

Retail and commercial real estate developers put Playground Hospitality on their projects for expert restaurant advice that delivers actionable recommendations that limit risk, create value, and maximize profits for owners.  Through our concept assessment and design processes, we create unique concepts that will impress guests while giving owners a path to a successful business.

Ghost Kitchens and Virtual Kitchens

Real Estate developers and REITs can capitalize on the booming trend of ghost kitchens or cloud kitchens.  With delivery services booming, it is a natural to pair shuttered retail space with the demand for state-of-the-art kitchens that keep costs down through limited menus and added convenience for delivery services.  So, whether a restaurant has no storefront and wants to operate virtually, or a restaurant with a retail presence wants a low-cost space for its delivery menus, virtual kitchens fit the need. It’s an easy sell to restaurateurs who get a modern kitchen without the up-front capital costs or high rent.

Concept Design

Playground Hospitality works with your team to design a restaurant from ideation to reality – including everything from market segmentation and brand development to real estate strategy and architectural design.

We focus on concept clarity, connecting the design, atmosphere, menus, and standard operating procedures to deliver a consistent guest experience.  Our concepts reflect your brand personality through food, atmosphere, and service. Competitive analysis and demographic profile development ensure the concept is on-point for your location, while business model design and implementation planning foster ongoing financial viability

Concept Assessment

Playground Hospitality understands that restaurants are a critical amenity for retail, residential and commercial properties. We can evaluate dining options for your project and produce critical information including pro forma financials, market positioning and taste profiles based on real data.   Because we’ve “Been There, Done That” we know what will make a restaurant successful, and what traps to avoid.

Real estate developers also call on Playground Hospitality to evaluate prospective food service tenants and define dining market segments. Working in partnership with the development team, we deliver actionable recommendations that limit risk, create value, and maximize revenue potential.


Playground Hospitality was founded by third-generation restaurateur, Doug Roth, who has decades of experience launching and operating award-winning restaurant concepts. Some of his most notable concepts include Bistro 110 (which ranked among the highest-grossing restaurants in Chicago for 22 years), Blackhawk Lodge, and Red Moon.

When Doug isn’t working, you can find him collecting classic cars, enjoying a good swim, and contributing to his favorite philanthropic organizations like S.D. Gunner and Honor Flight. He’s served on the board for both organizations, helping train service dogs for veterans at S.D. Gunner and flying war heroes to Washington, D.C. for a one-of-a-kind experience with Honor Flight.

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