Restaurant Consulting Services

Our sweet spot is working with hotel and restaurant companies struggling with existing ill-defined concepts. We help them rediscover what they want to be, create new brand narratives and customer experiences, and reformulate business operations in order to maximize profits.

When appropriate, we collaborate with established partners to create customized offerings for our clients.

Research + Strategy Refinement

  • Feasibility + In-Depth Market Analysis
  • Target Audience + Demographic Profile Development
  • Existing Concept Assessment + Reformulation
  • Competitive Analysis + Trend-Opportunity Identification

Concept Clarity + Design

  • Creative Menu Ideation + Development
  • Business Model Design
  • Brand + Architectural Design
  • Comprehensive Customer Touch Point / Experience Design

Brand Narrative + Positioning

  • Identity + Story Development for New Concepts
  • Existing Concept Re-positioning / Re-branding
  • Strategic Positioning for Franchises Entering New Markets
  • Brand-Driven Chef-to-Concept Alignment
  • Strategic Marketing + PR Advisory

Operations + Real Estate Strategy

  • Implementation Planning + Concept Realization
  • Operations Refinement
  • Ongoing Support + Project Management
  • Tenant Search + Selection
  • Real Estate Selection + Lease Negotiation