Restaurant Insider: How to Find and Hire Rockstar Front-of-House Restaurant Staff


Highlights from the article:

Pay attention to the demographics of the hiring pool

“They [Gen Z] have a sense of fear that has evoked a stronger work ethic,” Roth says. “They have a lower sense of entitlement. We’re seeing in research that they may leapfrog the millennials when it comes to the job field. I’m a believer that the Gen Zs are in some cases a better fit for the hospitality industry.”

Find people with passion, not just skills

Roth says that he takes the Danny Meyer approach to recruiting talent. “I’m not as interested in where they’ve worked before, but that they share the same philosophical approach to the hospitality business. They need to have a sense of warmth, be interested in people and provide an added value to the dining experience; not just be an order taker.”

He looks for a potential team member’s goals beyond the prospective job title. “One thing I look for is, what do they want to do? And what have they done so far to get there?” Roth says. “Are they involved in something that shows me they have a sense of passion for something? I’m not just hiring a server; I’m investing in the personality and fiber of the individual, what they want to do beyond that.”

Mine the high schools, colleges and vocational training institutes

Roth routinely speaks at universities and hospitality schools, mining Gen Z talents and reaching out to people interested in the types of careers he offers. He also recommends making relationships with professors who know their students, and can help identify those talented individuals.

Create a winning culture

Just like your brand can attract talent, it’s the internal company culture that can be instrumental in keeping them. Be careful of the attitude and language of, “You’re coming to work for me,” Roth says. Rather, you want to create an inclusive environment where team members feel a sense of ownership and empowerment.