We'll help you stand out, stay relevant and maintain the unique character of your restaurant.


Stand Out

What differentiates your restaurant from others in the market?

Keep Your Soul

What is the underlying essence or unique character of your restaurant?

Stay Relevant

How do you maintain focus while staying on-trend?



Stand Out

What differentiates your restaurant?

In order to stand out and get more guests, your restaurant experience needs to be different. 

Differentiators, or "points of difference," for a restaurant might include the following examples:

  • menu or food preparation methods
  • type of service or ordering experience
  • ambience, music or decor
  • location and proximity to other stores or attractions
  • ties to the community
  • how and where the food is sourced
  • integration of technology
  • delivery or carry-out experience
  • special events or classes for guests

What is the soul of your restaurant?

A restaurant’s soul is its underlying essence. 

It’s not memorabilia or photos on the wall or tchotchkes. It mustn’t collect dust or become worn or rundown. It cannot be contrived or clichéd.

It’s the layers of meaning, collected and added to over the years. It’s the personality of the owner or founder. It’s each and every element of the ambience.

It’s the special touches woven purposefully into the guest experience that bring the one-of-a-kind character of a restaurant to life.

When guests walk through the doors they connect with it. They feel transported elsewhere. They just get it.

Keep Your Soul


Stay Relevant

How do you maintain the focus of your restaurant while staying on-trend?

Are you able to define your restaurant in 3 sentences or less? 

We call this definition "concept clarity."

Clarifying your concept helps you maintain focus, even while pursuing new trends or market opportunities. 

Example: Seesaw offers a chef-driven, modern American menu in a casual environment. Our counter-service and takeaway options allow guests to customize their meals and enjoy responsibly sourced food in an easy, convenient and affordable manner.


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