Seesaw is a fully developed concept

ready to implement at your hotel, health care facility or convention center. 


We are a team of seasoned professionals, passionate about food, with a fresh new idea.

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We experienced how the Farm-to-Table movement opened people’s minds and palates, yet as we scanned the fast-casual landscape and learned what others are doing, we discovered a disconnect between the food the market offers and what people demand in their fast paced, up and down lives.

We saw their desire for customization and desire for fresh ingredients in an energized setting.


we keep it simple, direct
& a little bit playful

We are a chef-driven, fresh-casual concept creating approachable food that is always tasty and always “crave” producing.

We believe that eating well is about preparing and eating the right food for how we happen to be feeling at the moment. You should get the food you want the way you want it and we feel you should enjoy your food -- always.


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We don’t believe that anyone should have to sacrifice flavor to get a wholesome, healthy dining experience. We cook the way that food should be eaten, as our families have always done in their own homes - real food, simply prepared with love, and satisfying to eat. Our food is both fresh and familiar. It feeds not only the stomach, but also the soul.
— Gale Gand